The Sacred Motherhood Experience


The Sacred Motherhood Experience is a unique opportunity to have us lovingly support and nurture you at the three stages of your motherhood journey : pregnancy, labour and postpartum.

This experience includes two pregnancy sessions, one preparing for labour session with reflexology and foot spa and two postnatal sessions.

Each experience will be tailored for your individual needs at each stage of your journey. The sessions will start with intention setting, followed by healing massage, reiki, breathwork and meditation to finish to create a truly beautiful and sacred experience.

To enhance this nurturing experience, we use crystal therapy, flower essences, exquisite aromatherapy oils and sound therapy.

You will also receive a complimentary Sacred Motherhood Kit including a crystal set with your intention, a candle and an aromatherapy massage oil.


Please get in touch with Jess for a chat to discover more about the Maternal Grounding Postnatal Healing Experience or you can book online.