Let’s Collaborate!


My name is Jess and it is my calling and absolute honour to nurture, heal and hold space for mamas all the way through their motherhood journey from pregnancy and labour to postnatal healing as a Maternal Bodywork Specialist.

My business Maternal Grounding supports, empowers and nurtures mamas and their babies with healing massage, holistic therapies and wellness, enabling deep healing and grounding.

I would love to collaborate and connect with other heart-centred women offering birthing services in the South East Queensland area.

Community and connection are really important to me and I truly believe that by working together we can provide a beautiful support network for women preparing to become mamas.

It takes a village!!

And I really want to have a network of holistic birth workers in the village I can call on to recommend to my mamas.

I have some ideas on what a collaboration might look like and what I can offer to you and your mamas. I would love to start a conversation and share my thoughts with you and have you do the same.

If this is resonating with you, please get in touch and we will chat further! Let’s make some magic together.

Much love,