All therapies, massage and products used during the sessions area are customised for you and your stage of pregnancy. Everything used by Maternal Grounding is of the highest quality and completely safe.

All packages are pre-paid and you will need to book in all your appointments as early as you can to ensure you receive your desired day and time.

Session bookings are subject to availability.

If your labour massage is missed due to your baby coming before your appointment, you will receive another post natal massage.

If you have to cancel a session for any reason, please give Maternal Grounding 24 hours notice and you may rebook at another suitable time, subject to availability.

Maternal Grounding understands pregnancy and labour can be unpredictable and are happy to be flexible with cancellations. You are welcome to two free cancellations. However the third cancellation will attract a fee of $50 to cover my time and costs.

If appointments cannot be scheduled for some reason, Maternal Grounding will give you a credit to be used within six months. Refunds are not available.

If you have any queries about any aspects of services offered by Maternal Grounding, please feel free to get in touch for a chat.

Baby Massage Classes are offered on a weekly subscription basis for ten weeks. You can cancel at anytime but we encourage you to take advantage of the ten week course for the maximum benefits for babies growth and development.