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Post Natal Healing – A Client Story

Post Natal Healing – A Client Story

One very special service I offer to mamas is Post Natal Healing. With healing touch as the core, I use my intuition and innate healing ability to nurture and hold space for mamas who have just given birth. 

I wanted to share with you a really incredible Post Natal Healing session I recently experienced with new mama, Brooke, whilst I can still feel every part of it.

As I arrived I could see her in the window holding her precious three week old baby.  Michelle (Brooke’s birth doula) arrived just as I did.

We entered Brooke’s house and the energy was already divine. Brooke herself has the most beautiful energetic presence to her. So much so, that I feel privileged to be near her. ✨

I started setting up in the area in her home where she birthed her baby.  I could already start to feel so much in this space. It was simply beautiful!

Michelle holds new baby Willa, while I prepare to hold space for new mama Brooke. You can see us us here in Michelle’s video on Instagram.

As Brooke entered the room, the aromatherapy oils running through the diffuser helped give her an initial cue to relax as I could feel a slight bit of tension in the air.

I start the session with some breath work to settle the parasympathetic nervous system. I talk to Brooke, letting her know what I am doing and reassuring her that I am holding space for her.

We set the intention for the healing session – this is personal and unique to every individual and will be focused on what you want the outcome of the healing session to be. 

I share with Brooke some affirmations that I want her to repeat to herself during the massage.  As I connect with Brooke, I could feel the tears starting to swell inside of me at this point.

She was infused with Reiki and positive energy and we were ready to start the massage.

A grounding essential oil blend was placed inside her wrists as we started.  Throughout the massage I could feel tension in many areas.

I use love and pure devotion during this time, as well as my healing hands to honour her incredible body.  I can feel the tension and congestion start to relax as Brooke is being supported to come home to herself.


Brooke’s entire body was massaged with herbal remedies for healing. I use reflexology, head massage and tummy massage as well. I speak to her body and tell her body how incredible it is and I know I am speaking to her soul.

I could feel a lot of trauma with in the tummy, and there was special time devoted to this area to honour and nourish.  I found out later some of the trauma that has been endured during the birthing process.

This was a very magical treatment!

At the end of a session, I will always express what I feel and discover during the time with my mamas. With Brooke,  all I could feel was that I needed to hold her.

So I did and there were tears from everyone. Space was held with pure love, heart and soul given to this amazing mama.

As always, so much is offered to mamas in the post natal healing sessions. It’s more than just a massage, it is a whole healing and nurturing bodywork experience that reconnects mind, body and spirit. 

I am forever grateful to be a part of mama’s post natal healing. It feels like a treasured gift to be able to help you with your healing and emergence into motherhood. 

I feel that is it incredibly important for all new mamas to rebalance the physiological, emotional and structural changes their body goes through. Nurturing, honouring and nourishing the body is imperative.

When a baby is birthed, so is a new mother. 

If you would like to experience a post natal healing session with me, I would love to hold space for you too. 

Michelle and I are going to do a postnatal workshop together very soon. Join my newsletter list to find out all the details!

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Much love, 
Jess Ngaheu Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Specialist


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