Winter Vege Casserole

Winter Vege Casserole

Hi Mamas,

I thought I would share this delicious recipe for my Winter Vege Casserole that I created. It’s super easy!

As busy mums, we can find it hard to make sure we have delicious and nutritious meals for our family. Healthy meals  are super important for not only us as adults, but also our children too make sure they are healthy, active and growing.

Anyway, my shopping day is tomorrow and I had a whole heap of veges that I needed to do something with. So, I simply just placed them all in my slow cooker, ready for dinner tonight. I normally cook some chicken or steak as our protein side of dinner and then there will be sooooo many healthy veges to go with it now.

Winter Vege Casserole


1 Eggplant

3 Small Zucchinis

2 Carrots

1 Bunch Kale 

1 Can Lentils 

1 Can Chickpeas 

1 Can Red Kidney Beans

1 Can Pumpkin Soup 

1/2 Cabbage

1 Cup of Mixed Frozen Veges


Just throw them all in the slow cooker on high for 2 hours or low for 4 hours. You could also get away with not having any meat in there, as you have a decent amount of protein in there already from the legumes!

I haven’t added any herbs or spices as I love the taste of all the veges. It is only lunch time, but I am going to sneak some in for lunch, as it is already cooked.

Have a great week everyone, and let me know how you go with this recipe!

Much love,

Jess Ngaheu Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Specialist