The AMAZING Benefits of Pregnancy Massage!

The AMAZING Benefits of Pregnancy Massage!

The AMAZING Benefits of Pregnancy Massage!

Hi Mamas,

Today, I wanted to write about the AMAZING benefits of pregnancy massage.

When going through your pregnancy journey, there are many changes to your body to accommodate the growing baby inside your belly. Along with this, there may be some areas of tightness, pain, discomfort, sickness and anxiety.

I want to stress to you that it is extremely important to not only look after the baby in your belly, but also you (the mama).

Many people seem to think that receiving a pregnancy massage would just be a “treat”. But I am on a mission to educate you that pregnancy massage is not a treat, it is a “treatment” and will help you along the way with all of your tightness, pain, discomfort, sickness and anxiety.

Pregnancy massage therapy can address the various physical changes of pregnancy: oedema, foot, leg or hand discomforts as well as pain in the lower back, pelvis and hips.

Swedish massage may facilitate gestation by supporting cardiac function, placental and mammary development, and increasing cellular respiration. It can reduce oedema and high blood pressure as well as contribute to sympathetic nervous system sedation.

There has been some great research on the benefits of touch providing a contemporary for its reintroduction into maternity care.

Women who were nauseous and or vomiting through out their pregnancy, experienced a decrease in these discomforts when they applied finger pressure to a specific acupressure point on their forearm several times a day.

Pregnant women massaged twice weekly for five weeks experienced less anxiety, leg and back pain. when compared with control groups who practiced relaxation only. The women who had experienced massage reported better sleep and improved moods, and their labour had fewer complications, including fewer premature births. (TField)

Studies show that when women receive nurturing touch during later pregnancy, touch their babies more frequently and lovingly.

During labour the presence of a doula, a woman providing physical and emotional support, including extensive touching and massage, reduces the length of labour and number of complications, interventions, medications and caesarean sections (Etal: C.Osborne-sheets 2001,  TField & PMA)

There are profound physiological, functional, emotional, relational and lifestyle changes occur during gestation and labour, often creating high stress levels.

Too much stress can negatively affect mother and infant health, resulting in reduced uterine blood supply and higher incidence of miscarriage, prematurity & other complications. Pregnancy massage can help woman approach their due date with less anxiety as well as physical discomfort. Even apart from easing specific aches, massage can act as an overall tonic and increase the expectant mother’s body awareness.

Various forms of massage therapy, including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular, remedial, stretching, movement, traditional Chinese medicine and shiatsu may be applied through out pregnancy, as well as labour and the post natal period.

It is safe to say that pregnancy massage is extremely effective and safe in helping you treat the pain and discomfort you are experiencing.


Pregnancy Massage



♡ Decrease Your Lower Back Pain
♡ Decrease Sciatica Nerve Pain
♡ Decrease Pelvic Pain
♡ Improve Your sleep
♡ Reduce Swelling & Oedema
♡ Stabilise Hormonal Changes
♡ Enhance the Mother Baby Connection
♡ Facilitate Relaxation to Reduce Anxiety

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to to contact me and ask, as I am more than happy to help you throughout your entire pregnancy journey, post natal, recovery and beyond!!

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Much love,
Jess Ngaheu Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage Specialist