The Maternal Grounding Postnatal Healing Experience


Experience a completely nurturing and supportive recovery and rehabilitation in your home after giving birth. As a specialist postpartum massage doula, we can help in the reconnection of your body, mind and soul in this sacred time of new motherhood. 

“The fourth trimester is often undervalued, however I believe it’s vital to have a recovery plan in place for mama and baby’s health, both physical and mental. 

Ancient cultures treated postpartum with deep respect and care, including specific nourishment and sacred rituals.

New mamas can often feel completely depleted, emotional, confused and vulnerable after giving birth. 

It’s a hugely transformational time for any woman to experience. Gentle and nurturing care can make a significant difference to future health outcomes, avoid postnatal depletion, provide reassurance, instill confidence and allow for deep bonding with baby. 

It is my absolute honour to provide the very best postnatal care for all of my mamas using traditional and modern techniques and a holistic, spiritual approach.

Everything I do is for you. Whilst implementing the sacred rituals with herbal medicine and massage, I will listen, provide comfort, reassurance and hugs and just be there for you, holding space.” ~ Jess

4 Postnatal Healing Sessions 

We will visit you for 4 sessions after your birth. Each session is 3 hours and tailored for you and your individual needs on the day. Everything is completely optional and will be guided by you.

Healing Postpartum Massage and Bodywork 

New Mama Recovery (restoring core and pelvic floor ) 

Herbal Bath 

Yoni Steaming 

Breathwork and Meditation

Belly Binding 

Birthing the New Mama Ritual


Baby Massage

Abhyanga (teaching you the traditional Ayurvedic Self Massage)

A Nourishing Postpartum Meal each session

Videos of all the restoring core and pelvic floor are provided so you can continue your healing independently in the weeks to come.

New Mama Kit

Postnatal Healing Herbal Tea

Postnatal Healing Bath Herbs

Postnatal Recovery Warming Balm

Postnatal Mum and Bub Healing Balm

Healing Crystal Set

Postnatal Nutritional Guidelines

Flower Essences

Faja (for the belly binding)

Yoni Steaming Herbs

Vata Calm (Postpartum Abhyanga Oil)



“Let yourself be nourished and supported while you transition from maiden to mother. Allow the wisdom of the ancestors and the sacred bond of women hold space for you and celebrate this rite of passage with gentle care and reverence.”

Please get in touch with Jess for a chat to discover more about the Maternal Grounding Postnatal Healing Experience or you can book online.